Our medical centre is holding a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on Friday, February 4th and it’s open to you and your family and friends. The clinic will run from 9”30am to 5:00 pm.

Whether you are ready to get your first, second or booster dose, or you just have some questions about COVID-19 vaccines, please consider joining us.

If you would like to make an appointment to be vaccinated on February 4, 2022, please call our office at 204-331-2332. If you’re not available on February 4th, we can likely accommodate you on a different day as well.

Our clinic has administered many COVID-19 vaccines in the last year. We have met with patients who were uncertain about the vaccines and helped them decide whether vaccination was right for them. While we strongly recommend the COVID-19 vaccine for nearly everyone, it is our job as physicians to ensure you have the facts about the benefits and risks to make your own informed decision.

If you have questions or concerns, this is an opportunity for one of our clinic physicians to help you better understand the vaccines, how they protect against severe illness and death, and if they are right for you.

For additional information about this initiative: https://www.manitobavaccine.ca/feb4/