Medical Device Reprocessor (MDR) Technician

/Medical Device Reprocessor (MDR) Technician

Medical Device Reprocessor (MDR) Technician

SUPERVISOR:     Lab Supervisor

HOURS: Full time – 37.5 + hours/week



This position exists to perform a series of detailed technical duties related to decontamination, reassembly, functionality testing, sterilization, and distribution of medical and/or surgical supplies and medical devices for surgical services at CW Wiebe Medical Centre in accordance with the CPSM Accreditation Standards. 

Essential Functions And Basic Duties:

Duties and functions include but are not limited to the following:

  1. In accordance with Infection Prevention & Control, decontamination, sterilization, aseptic technique, and established policies, procedures, WS&H, and WHMIS.
  2. Receives, sorts, disassembles, cleans, decontaminates, sterilizes, assembles, wraps, and reassembles all trays, medical devices, carts, supplies, and equipment related to the operating room (OR) and/or other areas of the hospital and /or region
  3.             Identifies and reports to the supervisor damaged or malfunctioning medical devices, equipment, and supplies.
  4. Loads and operates decontamination and sterilizing equipment; monitors equipment operation and performs standard quality assurance tests on effectiveness on both the decontamination and sterilization processes in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  5. Maintains an awareness of the subtle complexities of the instruments from all of the specialties.
  6. Maintains an understanding of and adheres to Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures.
  7. Anticipates surgical requirements for surgical cases on current and future shifts.
  8. Preparing instrument bundles for the surgical procedure rooms
  9.             Handling, transporting, stores, and rotates sterile and non-sterile supplies throughout the facility.  Must apply inventory rotation and sterility maintenance principles.
  10. Transports soiled surgical instruments and equipment, while ensuring infection control principles are followed.
  11. Receives, fills, and delivers urgent and routine requests for medical devices, supplies, and equipment for the surgical procedure rooms and/or other patient care areas.
  12. Operates processing machines and performs related monitoring and recording duties
  13. Receives, fills, delivers and records requests for standard equipment and supplies; reports ad records shortages, problems and complaints of same
  14. Interacts in person and/or on the telephone with surgical procedure room personnel to ensure supply issues are met.
  15. Critical problem solving and decision making is required including:  prioritization of which instrument to process to meet surgical requirement; dialoging with surgical staff regarding missing instruments; and determining that equipment is functional prior to preparing for sterilization
  16. Completes required process documentation.
  17. Monitor for routine cleaning of workstations, storage areas, processing machines and equipment
  18. Contributes to making the organization safe for patients, residents, clients and staff, and recognizes the importance of reporting unsafe situations and participating in follow up reviews as a learning opportunity.
  19. Performs other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications:

•              MDR Certification through the Medical Device Reprocessing Association of Ontario (MDRAO) (training will be provided)

Job Category: Laboratory
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre

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