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Mission Statement

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History of the Name (Dr. C.W Wiebe)

The name of Dr. Cornelius W. Wiebe is familiar to five generations of Mennonites in the West Reserve of Manitoba. He is the man who set significant benchmarks for his ethnic community. Dr. Wiebe was the first Mennonite from Manitoba to qualify as a medical doctor and the first Mennonite to sit in the Legislative Assembly. He was also instrumental in the development of Winkler’s Bethel Hospital and the Valley Rehabilitation Centre for retarded children.

Dr. Wiebe began his career as a teacher in a Mennonite village and even though he was soon aware that teaching was not his true vocation he recognized that progressive education would equip Mennonites to live better lives in their adopted country. He helped to establish good schools in rural Manitoba and he encouraged parents and students to think beyond the restricted curriculum that had defined education in Russian Mennonite classrooms.

In his day Mennonites did not commonly undertake post-secondary education. His support, both emotional and financial, launched many young men into careers in medicine, teaching, and other vocations.

Always an innovator, Dr. Wiebe established new standards of public health and hygiene in his community as well as new standards of achievement. He devoted his life to serving his people. His commitment was absolute. For 53 years he was Winkler’s beloved physician.

Excerpt taken from Cornelius W. Wiebe – A Beloved Physician by Mavis Reimer  Published 1983