If you are taking medication for any of the following conditions, you may be able to SAVE money by switching to a lower cost, equally effective medication.  If you would be  interested, please discuss it with your doctor or our pharmacist, Dustin Cooper.


Review the full medication list here or on the Forms and Handouts page.

Here at the C.W.Wiebe Medical Centre we want you to get the best possible treatment at the lowest cost to you. Many times there are cheaper drug options than what you might be using currently. For example, if a patient taking the expensive drug for blood pressure switched to cheaper, equally effective alternatives the total savings could be $448.00*/year! If you are on one of these medications you could save money without compromising your health. 
* These cost savings estimates are based upon maximum doses and no insurance coverage

Most drugs come in a class, with many options that work the same way. Think of it like apples; it doesn’t really matter too much if you buy a Spartan, Gala or Fuji, they are all apples and they will all fill your belly. In the same way, if your doctor has prescribed an ACE inhibitor for your blood pressure, it does not matter which ACE inhibitor you use, they are all equally effective, but the costs vary widely. Talk with your doctor or our pharmacist, Dustin Cooper.