Why do we have video surveillance?

We have video surveillance in our facility to support our efforts to promote a safe and secure environment for our patients and staff.

The surveillance cameras are positioned to monitor high-traffic common areas like entrances, exits, and reception areas. If an incident occurs in these areas, the surveillance recordings will aid incident response and investigation.

How do we use the information collected?

The information collected using video surveillance is intended to:

  • discourage incidents such as disturbances, theft, assaults, and other criminal or disruptive activities
  • aid in workplace investigations
  • assist law enforcement with incident investigations

Who has access to surveillance data?

Access to live and recorded surveillance data is restricted; only authorized personnel manage recorded surveillance data or review live data.

Recorded data is disclosed at the discretion of the Executive Director of the C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre.

Recorded data is retained for 30 days, unless required for an investigation.