New Patients

 Are there any doctors accepting new patients?

When we do accept new patients, it is through the Family Doctor Finder program: phone 1-866-690-8260 or visit

How can I get a hold of your Doctors?

You can call their office’s Direct line, the clinics main reception or come see us in person and we will be happy to book an appointment for you.  Click here for Physician Directory

C.W. Wiebe Medical’s main reception is (204) 325-4312

When booking your appointment please have your health card on hand as we will need your Manitoba Health number (6-digit) and your PHIN (9-digit number on your health card).

Existing patients can also book appointments online or through a mobile app; see for more information.

Should I have my files transferred to your Clinic?

Please attend your first appointment before arranging having any documents transferred to us. In many cases there is a cost for transferring documents and we would like to be sure we know what we need before asking you to have anything moved.

What should I bring with me for my first visit?

Please bring your Manitoba Health card, a list of any current medications you are taking and a list of any current health problem you have. 

I have never been to your clinic before, What do I need to know?

Always bring your health card with you to each visit.

We are located in the ALG Professional Building at 385 Main Street in Winkler.  We have a clinic on the north side of the building which also includes our Surgical Services department; we also have a clinic on the South side of the building which includes our Obstetrics/Gynecology department.  If you are unsure where to go, please go to our Information Desk in the North clinic and our staff will be happy to direct you.

See our Location page for a zoomable map and parking details.

Uninsured Services

If you are not covered by Manitoba Health or your Manitoba Health coverage has lapsed, you may need to pay for your visit as well as any additional services that your doctor feels are necessary for your care.  See for more information on Health Coverage. Our clinic accepts debit, credit card, cash and e-transfer.

Patient Information

Any change in personal information, please advise Manitoba Health by filling out the Information Change Form, as well as notifying the doctor’s receptionist on submission of the form to Manitoba Health.  Click here for the form.

Please Note the Following:

  • We require 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment.  A fee may be charged if this is not met.
  • There are some services that are not covered by Manitoba Health including:
    • Forms such as for Drivers, Aviation or Insurance
    • Injections
    • Doctors notes (off-work, travel….)
    • and others

During your visit to the Clinic:

  • Please report to the receptionist with all forms and requests.
  • If you would like someone to accompany you during one of your visits with your doctor, please advise the receptionist on arrival for your appointment.
  • Due to allergies and respiratory conditions, patients and visitors are asked to abstain from using perfumes or fragrances.