The C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre currently has both locum and permanent practice opportunities in family medicine and specialist positions.

Located in Winkler, Manitoba, the  C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre is home to 33 family physicians and 13 specialists.

Family physicians provide primary care services to over 30,000 patients and provide several inpatient services at Boundary Trails Health Centre including inpatient care, ER, ICU, obstetrics, cancer care, palliative care, anesthesia and OR assisting.

C.W. Wiebe Medical is a Family Medicine teaching facility as part of the Boundary Trails Clinical Teaching Unit in conjunction with the University of Manitoba Max Rady College of Medicine.

Family physician practices are supported by inhouse specialists in General surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Family medicine practices are also supported by onsite alternate care providers including, nursing, dieticians, pharmacist, social work, mental health, chronic disease educator, respiratory therapist, wound care nurse, maternity nurse, and kinesiology.

All physicians are encouraged to develop a practice the size and scope of what best suits their lifestyle and to pursue any medical interests.

Current Family Medicine practice opportunities include:

Current Specialist Practice opportunities include :

The C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre provides physicians with a turnkey practice providing all needed administrative and practice supports with professional management and staff, including onsite medical billing and I.T. support.

Our clinic also provides on-site diagnostic services such as digital x-rays, EKG’s, spirometry, and lab services.

C.W. Wiebe Medical is a leader in using technologies to support medical practices and communicate with our patients.

There is no upfront cost to join C.W. Wiebe Medical and we offer very attractive overhead rates.

Return of Service signing bonuses and relocation supports are available.

C.W. Wiebe Medical is in Winkler Manitoba, one of Manitoba’s fastest growing regions. This growth and a significant expansion to Boundary Trails hospital (with new and expanded services) has created additional practice opportunities for additional primary care providers and several specialist opportunities.

For more information about practicing with the C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre
contact the Executive Director at / 204-331-2300.