The Health Care Directives Act allows you to express your wishes about the amount and type of health care and treatment you want to receive should you be unable to communicate your wishes.  Download the printable form that you can fill out at your convenience and discuss with your doctor.

The Immigration Medical Application Form is used by patients to apply for Immigration-related medical examinations.

The Patient Advocate Form is used by patients to establish a record of their selected advocate. A patient advocate is a person the patient chooses to support them and act on their behalf. The actions of a patient advocate are based on the wishes of the patient; a patient advocate cannot make their own decisions about the patient’s healthcare. See for more information on Patient Advocates and Patient Safety.

Know your patients rights. Read the Self-Advocacy For Everyone (SAFE) Toolkit, or go to for more information.

The Request to Access Personal Health Information Form is used by patients to request the release of their Personal Health Information to themselves or to a second or third party. It can also be used by a parent, guardian, or other legal representative of the patient.

Save Money on Medication! List of medications with lower cost alternatives and estimated savings.

Post-Op ACL Rehabilitation Protocol. Patient information and instructions for Post-operative rehabilitation after an ACL reconstruction.

EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTION Discharge Instructions for Patient Information.