You are now in your first trimester, click on Baby’s Best Chance to review what symptoms you might be having and how to best manage them.

Receiving regular prenatal care is important during all of your pregnancies to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your baby. Your care providers use assessment tools, tests and discussions to help you bring your baby safely into this world. You will now be seeing your care provider about once per month. Please visit the websites below for helpful information on your pregnancy.

Baby’s Best Chance​

​Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy:

Check out “Patient Journey” and Perinatal Info Package on the CW Wiebe link:

The Patient Journey and Perinatal Info Package guide you through what to expect during your pregnancy journey, upcoming tests and links to more information for each step through the journey of your pregnancy.

MB Prenatal Benefit & Healthy Baby info

The Manitoba Prenatal Benefit is available to pregnant women whose household income falls below a designated amount, you can receive monthly payments during your pregnancy to help buy groceries and support healthy eating in pregnancy.

Manitoba Family Doctor Finder

If you do not have a family doctor, you are encouraged to fill in the application form as soon as possible to begin the process.

 Did you know that in your first trimester it is important to eat healthy and be active! A 30 minute walk per day, choosing foods with less sugar, eliminating pop, eating fruits and vegetables are just some of the ways to be the healthiest you for you and your developing baby!  There are key nutrients you want to consume to help your baby grow and develop, one of those is Folic Acid. See attachments below: