ULTRASOUND – You should have or soon be receing your routine ultrasound appointment which is usually completed between 18-22 weeks.  We arrange for an ultrasound to confirm your baby and placenta is developing normally.  Sometimes the technician is unable to clearly see all aspects of the baby and you may need to return to repeat the scan.  This does not mean there is a problem with the baby.  Not all problems with the baby can be seen on ultrasound. If you choose to know the gender of the baby, this is the time they can try to see that, however it is not always 100% accurate.  Your provider will review the results with you.

GTT/GESTATIONAL DIABETES – One of the standard prenatal tests is the GTT to check how your body reacts to glucose (sugar).  The provider is looking for gestational diabetes, which is a form of diabetes that can develop in pregnancy and may need to be managed by diet and insulin.  For more information on this test coming up around 24-28 weeks and this pregnancy complication, please visit: https://www.diabetes.ca/about-diabetes/gestational