As you may or may not be aware our local medical services and staff are experiencing
increased demands and workload. Our physicians are working hard to maintain the
services for our region to the best of their ability.

Because of the decreased number of physicians and their responsibilities to provide
hospital care, we are needing to restrict hours and services.

One of these service changes is medical notes. Please be advised that until additional
physicians become available in our communities, the physicians at both Menzies
Medical Centre and CW Wiebe Medical Centre cannot be providing medical notes for
patients/employees with minor respiratory or other minor medical conditions for which
they would otherwise not see a doctor.

Although it is appreciated that employers may require medical evidence of illness to
administer employment related benefits, currently there simply are not enough
resources to provide this service. Scheduling appointments for the sole purpose of
securing a medical report for minor illness for employment related benefits requires
allocating medical resources that are better allocated to attend to more urgent care
Our available resources must be directed to urgent and emergent care needs in our communities until additional physicians become available.

Of course, anyone requiring medical advice should continue to seek care at our Walk-In, Urgent Care or Emergency Room as needed.

Your assistance and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

The Physicians of,
Menzies Medical Centre & CW Wiebe Medical Centre