This vitamin helps us to regulate our bleeding. Newborn babies do not have enough of this vitamin when they are born which puts them at risk for excessive bleeding, including brain hemorrhages. It is recommended that all newborn babies receive a dose of Vitamin K through a needle in their thigh. Please see attachment for more information.


                24-48 hours or sooner after vaginal birth with no complications for mom or baby

                48-72 hours or sooner after c sectioin birth with no complications for mom or baby

After 24 hours of age, your baby will be screened for jaundice (yellowing of the skin), oxygen levels, weight, PKU (blood screening test for metabolic disorders) and offered a hearing screening.

Your nurse will demonstrate bathing your baby for you and show you how to change your baby’s diaper.

Please ask questions, this is the time to learn!  We want you to feel comfortable feeding your baby before you go home.


Your new baby must be safely secured in the car seat, your nurse will show you how to safely secure your new baby before you go.

You should receive a 1-2 week follow up with your family doctor and a 6 week follow up with your delivery doctor.

If you have consented, a public health nurse will call you in 24-48 hours to check in on you and your baby, answer questions and may schedule an in person visit with you.