What is yet to come….

Please visit the online resource: Baby’s Best Chance to find common changes and ways to manage at this stage of pregnancy.

Baby Movements – By 20 weeks you should start to feel your baby move.   Please see attached for more information on ways to check your baby’s movement. If you ever experience a decrease in those movements or no baby movement, you should go to the hospital to be assessed.

Blood type – why is it important to know during pregnancy? During each pregnancy one of the initial blood tests we do includes checking your blood type. If you have a negative blood type, your body can develop antibodies that can harm a future baby, to prevent this, we recommend a blood product injection called WinRho which is given around 28 weeks and again after delivery if needed. Please visit https://www.pregnancyinfo.ca/your-pregnancy/routine-tests/rh-blood-groups/  for more information.